ReviewTrackers: Reputation Management Software

ReviewTrackers is a reputation management tool designed to enhance your online presence and increase revenue through reviews. They specialize in creating a customer-oriented organization that boosts brand loyalty, retention, and growth through the power of reviews.

At Profile Rankings, we are driven to unlock the potential of startups and enterprises through our cutting-edge tools and software. Our goal is to empower businesses to take control of their online reputation and make the most of their reviews. By leveraging our expertise and insight, we give them the confidence and knowledge necessary to make informed decisions and maximize their success. Our mission is to provide businesses with the resources they need to thrive.

What is ReviewTrackers?

ReviewTrackers is a tool for reputation management, local listing management, local SEO, and impact tracking. It is a platform that gives organizations insights into what stakeholders think, feel, and say. It is a review management platform that allows businesses to monitor, request, and respond to reviews from multiple channels.

ReviewTrackers was founded in 2012 in Chicago, Illinois. They are considered to be customer feedback software that is used to track and manage customer experience. They collect feedback data from various platforms to help generate information that helps businesses interact with their customers by listening and responding to their feedback.

Utilizing this business tactic, brands can get in touch with their audience and understand their sentiments and make data-driven decisions for their venture.

ReviewTrackers software allows their clients to make unstructured data points like reviews and feedback to drive their customer acquisition and retention strategies. They believe that brands’ success heavily depends on their patrons’ voices.

Who is ReviewTrackers for?

ReviewTrackers caters to businesses of all sizes that seek to link up with their customers and improve customer engagement across multiple channels. Their services are beneficial to various industries and departments, including marketing, customer service, sales, product development, and operations. They offer their clients the opportunity to access all their reviews, monitor and respond to customer feedback, and gain insights into customer sentiment and intent.

Their typical customers range from small businesses to large enterprises in any industry. All businesses who are looking to build a customer-engaged organization leverage reviews and improve brand loyalty, retention, and growth.

ReviewTrackers Cost and Pricing

(Pricing model evaluation: March 2023)

There is limited information on their website regarding the plans they offer. Their pricing is based on the number of locations considering their target market is franchise business.

ReviewTrackers vs. Profile Rankings: A Comparison

There are a number of similarities between ReviewTrackers, Profile Rankings, and other platforms that aid you in achieving the same goal: to utilize the reviews and feedback of your customers to better your business.

What sets ReviewTrackers apart from its competitors is its target market which is the franchising business. Their brand monitoring features and helpful guides make them an ideal option for traditional brick-and-mortar shops that are looking to advance their customer acquisition and retention.

There had been reports about their mobile app being slow and faulty at times, and replies to feedback cannot be posted instantaneously. Customization of their email subject and content is also limited.

ReviewTrackers Alternatives

If you are on the hunt for specific features ReviewTrackers doesn’t carry, such as collaboration tools, CRM, customer journey mapping, or multi-language, ReviewTrackers may not be the best option for your business. Fret not because there are many good alternatives for ReviewTrackers out in the market.

Some of the good alternatives for ReviewTrackers are:
Reputation Brief
Profile Rankings

Many of these platforms offer the same essential services, but there are minor differences in the services and plans they offer. If your business has specific needs to be met, you might want to check out the alternative options.

About Profile Rankings

Profile Rankings is an online reputation management tool that makes it easy to customize and automate ratings and reviews from top sources like Google, Facebook, Yelp, Trip Advisor, Yellow Pages, Amazon, and more. With their platform, you can compare performance and discover amazing opportunities for your brand. Plus, their dashboard allows you to view all your brand’s reviews in one place for more efficient performance tracking and optimization.

Their comprehensive reputation intelligence and insights help businesses and global brands assess how much trust people have in their brand. They help make an informed decision on how to maintain and increase their consumer’s trust.